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Dr Magnet Bio Therapy Fashionable Bracelet Dm Csb 072

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  • Magnetic Therapy relieves pain in joints, (arthritis pain) bones, and muscles.
  • Magnetic Therapy relieves migraine headaches.
  • Magnetic Therapy relieves pain caused by Fibromyalgia.
  • Magnetic Therapy relieves pain throughout the body regardless what the pain is caused by

The way the magnetic therapy works is that by placing the magnet on the body it increases blood flow to the area of pain to help with healing.

The magnets close pain receptors in the body which in effect stop sending messages to the brain that let the brain know that you have pain.

Sometimes an injury such as a broken bone could be healed but pain continues due to the pain receptors in the injured area not closing, or turning off once the bone is healed.

The same effect occurs when a patient experiences amputation and the brain still feels that part of the body. The brain continues to receive the message that pain exist. The magnets turn off those electric impulses and in effect relieves


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