Gyntima Children Intimate Wash 100 ml

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Gyntima Children Intimate Wash 100 ml

(Very gentle and safe intimate washing gel for girls from age 3)

Gyntima children’s intimate wash is a very gentle and safe washing gel, developed specifically for intimate hygiene, for girls from age 3, when the vaginal immunity is not sufficient yet.
Regular and careful intimate hygiene and proper combination of active substances in the children’s intimate wash can efficiently help to prevent infections.

Lactic acid controls pH and acts as a hydrating factor. Bisabolol together with alantoin contribute to regeneration of skin cells.  Sage extract provides protection thanks to its properties of a natural antiseptic and works as a regulator of microbial revival of the skin.
The Children’s Intimate Wash should become a part of everyday intimate hygiene of a child, whereas it would be a stimulus for getting children used to regular intimate care in the future.

Motivate children to regular intimate care habit in the future.


  • Lactic Acid (control PH acts as a hydrating factor)
  • Bisabolol and allantoin (natural oils contribute to regeneration of skin cells)
  • Sage extract natural antiseptic so provides protection

How to Use:

Apply the gel on moistened skin at intimate parts, gently work into a foam and spread gently afterwards rinse with water.

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