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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Multipurpose Non-Contact Thermometer P1

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Hartmann Thermoval Baby Multipurpose Non-Contact Thermometer

One of the best baby thermometers out there, the Hartmann Thermoval Baby uses infrared to accurately take your child’s temperature for ultimate peace of mind.

Thermoval Contactless Baby Thermometer. Contactless temperature measure for young children. Easily tell when your baby has a fever. When your little one is unwell, it’s important to take and monitor their temperature frequently in case of fever – but it isn’t always easy. With the Thermoval contactless baby thermometer, you can get an accurate reading within 3 seconds with no fuss at all!

The device uses infrared technology to accurately measure temperatures of both people and objects including baby bottles and bathwater. It’s the ultimate digital thermometer for parents as it takes away all the stress of traditional fever thermometers and puts peace of mind in your hands.

What’s special about this thermometer?

  • No contact is needed to when taking child temperature
  • High accuracy with the modern infrared technology Fast gets readings within 3 seconds
  • Multipurpose, not only for body temperature but also for the temperature of objects or even ambient temperatures
  • Optical alarm for fever
  • No Noise, you can take the temperature of your baby while sleeping
  • Easy to use, comfortable to operate
  • Memory storage the last 10 measurements, giving you an overview of your baby’s fever progress
  • Practical storage box

How can I use the thermometer?

  • You can use it in multiple ways
  • To measure the temperature on your baby’s forehead with no contact
  • To measure the temperature for milk bottles, bathwater, food, and even ambient temperatures, like your baby’s room’s temperature.
  • Also suitable for adults as well
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