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Hartmann Veroval Fever Ear and Forehead-P1

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Hartmann Veroval Fever Ear and Forehead-P1

Hartmann Veroval Infrared Ear and Forehead Thermometer Fever


  • Veroval Fever, is a 2 in 1 infrared thermometer. For quick and easy measurement in the ear and in the forehead. Indication
  • Ideal for families with children 2 methods of measurement: in the ear and on the forehead. Fast infrared reading in 1 second. Easy to use. Measurement with sound. Robust and reliable use. Hygienic thanks to the 10 single-use caps included 10 memory locations. With practical protective case. Additional single-use caps available.
  • Fast thanks to infrared technology. The measuring sensor records the infrared radiation from the eardrum or forehead surface. Thus, it gives the measurement result within one second in case of ear measurement and the highest detected measurement value at the end of the scan in case of forehead measurement. Instructions for use
  • For measurements at the ear it is recommended: The measurement can be performed at the right or left ear. The thermometer measures the infrared rays emitted by the eardrum and ear canal. These rays are captured by the sensor and converted to temperature values. The most accurate values are obtained by capturing the infrared rays from the middle ear (eardrum). The rays emitted by adjacent tissues yield smaller values.
  • For measurements on the forehead it is recommended: The thermometer measures the infrared radiation emitted by the skin on the forehead and temple area, and by adjacent tissues. The radiation is captured by the sensors and converted into temperature values. More accurate values will be obtained by scanning the entire area between the temples.
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