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J4K Fork And Spoon Set Jk033

KWD 1.100

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The J4K feeding fork and spoon set is designed with angled handles for an easy grip, and with wide bases to scoop up and hold food in place, perfect for helping your baby to feed them self and enjoy a fuller feed.

The J4K product range supports the individual development of every child and makes everyday baby life easier. The products are designed to satisfy stylistic requirements and functional needs dedicated to promoting good health in mothers and their babies.

Soothing products are designed to settle your baby down. The newborn feeding range helps feeding your baby in a simply natural experience, just as it should be. Weaning products help to gradually move babies from a milk-only diet onto the solid foods they will need to grow and develop healthily. In addition to that mother and child care accessories to make life simpler and uncomplicated.

The J4K will always pursue to produce innovative solutions that make feeding and caring for your baby’s health

and safety easier.


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