Kuwaiti Royal Sadr Honey – 250 gm

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Kuwaiti Royal Sadr Honey – 250 gm

Produced from the natural Sadr trees of Kuwait

this award winning honey is an intense

and purest form of Kuwaiti Royal Honey

is warm amber in color

with a silky smooth texture

and a light floral taste infused with royal jelly

provides your body with anti-aging and anti-allergic properties.

It regulates blood sugar,

boosts your energy

helps avoid asthma attacks

heart attacks

and many more

Experience true luxury with special Kuwaiti Royal Sadr Honey

We believe honey is a household necessity.

Honey by itself is naturally sweet

and can easily be a healthy alternative to sugar

For years,

honey has been constantly helping the human body

with many diseases that it may go through

by improving the immune system

And digestive tracts allergies

and even wounds

honey is definitely a go-to product

and has been for many generations

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