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WOLLEX Compression Stockings Knee High Open

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WOLLEX Compression Stockings Knee High Open

these socks are the perfect way to reduce health issues that come with traveling. But are they similar to compression socks? Below we discuss what flight socks are and how you can choose the perfect one for yourself:

Travel Related Deep Vein Thrombosis and How to Reduce it
Traveling in a plane, train, or essentially any commuting vehicle requires sitting in a certain space for a considerable amount of time. And resting in one position for too long may obstruct your blood circulation.

Ultimately, you may have to deal with deep vein thrombosis while flying feet above land. Here’s how you can reduce the risk when on a plane:

Put on loose and comfy clothes.
Perform calf exercise after half an hour. Do this by slowly raising your heels while your toes remain on the floor. Make sure you repeat the process at least ten times.
Walk for a while
Stay hydrated
Avoid consuming alcohol and sleeping pills.
Who’s at a Greater Risk?
While anyone can develop it, but several health conditions increase your susceptibility to DVT. Here are some health issues spiking up your risks:

A history of deep vein thrombosis
Previously suffered from a stroke
Battling cancer
Tend to get blood clots as a result of family history
Recently underwent surgery specifically near the pelvic region, legs, or stomach.
Are overweight
Are pregnant
Heart diseases
Taking pills that contain estrogen-like HRT or Combined Contraceptive Pill
What are Flight Socks and Compression Socks?
Compression socks for travelers on a plane are flight socks. Wearing these socks helps reduce the risk of dealing with DVT during a journey longer than three hours.

These socks are available in an array of different sizes and styles. From knee-length to reaching your thighs, these socks offer various compression levels depending on your chosen model. Not to mention, you can find these in eye-catching patterns and attractive colors as well.

These socks offer body-hugging support to your legs and apply gentle pressure on them. In turn, it helps ensure healthy blood circulation throughout your body. However, you must select a pair that features exact measurements. Ill-fitting socks may cause adverse effects.

To avoid that, make sure you measure your leg, calf, and ankle appropriately. You may even ask a pharmacist or health expert to help you out.

Why Wear Compression Socks?
If you’re a travel enthusiast, compression socks will do wonders for improving your feet health. It’s also the best way to combat deep vein thrombosis while you’re on the go. Here we’ve rounded a couple of reasons everyone loves compression socks:

Compression socks help in supporting your muscles and joints. Moreover, they keep your joints aligned to offer better blood circulation.
By staying snuggly wrapped around your leg, these socks lower the chances of your ankle swelling.
Moreover, people with venous disorders can pull on compression socks to reduce swelling and inflammation.
Those traveling in a plane, buses, and cars might have their circulation cut off. Wearing flight socks promotes healthy blood flow.
If you suffer from orthostatic, compression socks can improve your condition by enhancing blood circulation.
These high-quality stockings help prevent venous ulcers and improve lymphatic drainage in your body.
Plenty of flight socks offer graduated compression to apply greater pressure atop your ankles.
Your flight socks promote continual and healthy blood circulation. Thus, wearing these lowers the risk of a blood clot forming.
Allowing your blood to flow properly and your limbs to perform properly also ups your overall well-being.
Besides being beneficial for your health, flight socks come in an array of vibrant colors and captivating styles.
Features to Consider When Purchasing Compression Socks for Flying

To ensure effectiveness, your compression sock must be of the proper size. Remember these few points when buying compression socks:

The Compression Level
Firstly, determine what compression level best meets your needs. These are available in four different ranges:

8-15 mmHg- mild compression
15-20 mm Hg- moderate compression
20-30 mmHg- firm compression
30-40 mmHg- extra firm compression
To decide what compression level is perfect for you, factor in the length and medical health issues. If you’re looking for socks to help enhance your stamina, a mild compression works best. On the other hand, those suffering from health problems such as varicose veins and whatnot will nee


Marked that is prone to be edema
Post-traumatic swelling
The recuperation preiod of simple ulcer
For superficial thrombophlebitis
For the treatment that becomes after veih surgery
and sclerotherapy
for the varix that exists in the period Of pregnancy

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