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Zartaux Concentrated Hyalouronic Serum

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High concentration Hyalouronic Serum, ingredient which constitutes the basic structural material of cellular tissue used for the maintenance of cell cohesion. Due to Nanotechnology this serum does not simply moisturize your skin, but penetrates in depth improving skin hydration and counter-acts negative influences and free radicals. Restores skin’s elasticity, while instantly fills the wrinkles, expression lines, even Acne scars. Ideal for all skin types. Consists a special product for skin which needs particular care such as being in an air-conditioned room all day, after Laser Treatment, Chemical Peelings, Acne Treatment etc. Ideal to use around your eyes.

Use once or twice daily before your creams. (Ask your Doctor)

• High quality concentrating Hyalouronic Acid 8%
• Deeply moisturises skin
• Gives elasticity to dry skin
• Immediate results from the first application
• Deep penetration due to Nanotechnology
• Improves skin’s hydration
• Counteracts against negative external factors (eg. Air condition)
• Fights against free radicals
• Fills wrinkles
• Fills Acne Scars


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